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Save thousands of dollars with Llumar Window Film installed on your commercial building

Installing Solar Control Window Film in most cases will drastically reduce the air conditioning burden for your property; your investment practically pays for itself. Block out up to 80% heat, keeping occupants cooler and more comfortable. In fact, when installed in commercial buildings, the average payback is 3 years or less! Now is the time to upgrade your buildings windows with Mills Tint Solutions high performance Vista & Llumar Window Films.

Why Choose Us

We install the best window films in the industry. Llumar films are manufactured in the USA and backed by the largest maker of window films in the world, Eastman Chemical. Llumar Window Film offers a wide variety of options to choose from.

Our experts can guide you through the process of choosing the perfect film that is right for your particular glass type and needs. When you talk to one of our specialists we are confident you will feel assured your safety and satisfaction is our most important goal.

We love to work with contractors, business owners, property managers, and building engineers to bring the information and answers needed to make a comfortable informed solution to your problem.

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Office Buildings, Towers, Malls, Restaurants, condominiums, hospitals, and more!

Comfortable workspace and offices

Energy efficient windows start with heat blocking film. Keep the views and natural light you love. Reduce your electricity bill. Enjoy all-day comfort.

  • Llumar Window Film converts existing windows into super high performance glass

  • Saves energy and reduces utility costs

  • Modernizes building appearance also hiding curtains or office space furniture

  • Blocks out 99.9% of harmful UV rays to prevent flooring, furniture, expensive wall hangings and art from damage and fading in Arizona's harsh sun

  • Controls the temperature and light level for optimum comfort

  • Brings glass to code at a fraction of the cost of window replacement

Glare Reduction
Heat Rejection
Privacy Control

Block out the glare and stay focused

Stay cool and comfortable inside

Increasing privacy increases productivity

Energy Efficiency

Save money with window film

Choose the best Window Film for Your Building

Don't shop for window film by endlessly comparing technical data. We'll help you choose the best tint for your building and your budget.

Our experts will install test samples before you commit to a product. We'll help you save money on your energy bills while you improve tenant comfort and building security.




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