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Mesa Window Tinting Services

Mills Tint Solutions is a Mesa, Arizona based full-service window film installation company. Our product specialties include security window tinting, anti-graffiti film, and window tinting. We are focused on bringing you the best customer service, superior products, and professional installation making us the leading Arizona window tinting company. We proudly install the best window tinting products in the industry; Llumar Window Films

Commercial Window Tinting

Add Privacy, Minimize Glare and Save Money on Energy Costs

Residential Window Tinting

Residential window tinting is optimal to create a comfortable and cool space for your home.

Tesla Roof picture_edited.jpg

Add Privacy, Minimize Glare and keep your vehicle cooler


Available in Clear and Tinted Options with Wet Glaze Attachment Systems

Decorative Window Films In Mesa

Our decorative window film installers can provide a wide range of decorative window films and tints for homes and businesses throughout Arizona.

Anti-Graffiti Film For Windows, Elevators & Mirrors In Mesa

Anti-graffiti films make it simple and hassle free for you to erase unwanted vandalism from your windows, elevators, and mirrors!

Client Testimonials


Fully Licensed, Bonded & Insured Window Tinting Company In Mesa

We love to work with contractors, business owners, property managers, glass companies, interior designers, and building engineers to bring the information and answers needed to make a comfortable, affordable & informed solution to your problem.

top rated window tinting Mesa AZ

" I am impressed with the job done on my upstairs windows. I live in Az and the sun can be a beast through my windows. Mills tinting tinted my East windows making the sun not so intense. Keeping us much cooler! I do not think I’ve seen this great a job before. This company had no bubbles in their work. Thank you Jordan Mills! I’ll be calling again! "

Brady H.

Republished From Google

Brady H.

Republished From Google

Greg & KC L.

Jordon was very professional and answered each and every question we had. Had exceptional quality product. Did exactly what he said he would do at the price he said he would do it. Showed up on time called every time he said he would. Window looks absolutely great, superb job. would highly recommend this company.

top rated commercial window tinting Mesa AZ

Had our house windows tinted by Jordan and he did an impeccable job. He was very informative while giving us a bid on our kitchen and dining room windows in helping us choose the correct film. I had no idea there were so many options! I was sold with the lifetime warranty. I already have Mills Tint Solutions coming back to install security film on our sliding glass doors. Highly recommend!

Naomi B.

top rated RV window tinting Mesa AZ

We Work With The Best Window Tint Brands:

Llumar Vista Window Film
Llumar Graffiti Shield

Contact Our Team Of Window Tint & Auto Glass Professionals In Mesa Today

Affordable Mesa Window Tint Services For Your Home Or Office

The Best Window Tint Prices In Mesa 

Solar Control Window Film helps maintain a balanced temperature in buildings the have both sunny and shady areas. It can keep your building cooler during the hot summer months, rejecting up to 80% of the heat that would come through untreated windows. It lets less light in but keeps harsh glare out, minimizing headaches and eyestrain so prevalent in today's computer-oriented workplace. The bottom line: a more comfortable employee is a more productive one.  

Solar Window Film Protection For Your Mesa Home

Solar Window Film Protection

  If keeping your view clear and space bright is important, there are window film options for you! In circumstances where light is welcomed but harmful ultraviolet rays and excessive heat are not; Ceramic Solar Film is the perfect option rejecting nearly half of the heat coming through the glass and blocking out 99.9% of the suns damaging ultraviolet rays keeping your house bright AND cool at the same time. 

Ceramic Window Tint Near You In Mesa

Our ceramic window tint installers in Mesa are equipped to provide industry leading UV protection to help keep your home, business, or vehicle cool. Block up to 80% of heat to create a comfortable, shaded environment with revolutionary technology that delivers the most efficient heat and light resistance in a metal free film.

Ceramic Window Tint Near You In Mesa
Office Window Tinting In Mesa

Office Window Tinting

Don't shop for window film by endlessly comparing technical data. We'll help you choose the best tint for your building and your budget.​ Our experts will install test samples before you commit to a product. We'll help you save money on your energy bills while you improve tenant comfort and building security.

  • What's The Average Cost For A Window Tinting Service?
    There are a variety of window tinting options to choose from. Whether you need a Mesa window tint installation for your home, business, or your vehicle, you can get the most affordable window tint solutions from Mills Tint Solutions. Car window tint prices vary based on the year make and model. Our pricing for commercial / residential window tinting is typically figured by the square foot of window film measured.
  • How Long Does The Window Tinting Process Usually Take?
    Depending upon how extensive the job is, the window tinting process can take from an hour to an entire day. This will always vary based on whether your home, business, or car is being tinted.
  • Are There Any Laws Regarding A Car Window Tint In Mesa?
    Arizona window tinting laws require that for cars, SUVs, and Vans, only non-reflective tinting is allowed above the manufacturer’s AS-1 line for the windshield. Front windows must allow over 33% of light in for front windows, and side back and rear windows may have any darkness desired.
  • Do I Have To Come To Your Location To Get My Auto Windows Tinted?
    For vehicle, residential, and commercial window tint installations in Mesa, we come straight to you!
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