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Auto Glass Replacement

Trust us to have your Windshield Replaced the right way!

Here at Mills Tint Solutions we have partnered with Go To Auto Glass so we can provide our customers with same high standards and experience.

When your windshield is replaced most vehicles newer than 2016 will need the camera (located near the rear view mirror) Recalibrated. 

In most cases we will recalibrate your camera right after the windshield is replaced. We will make your experience with us as seamless as possible.


Simple Steps for Replacement

  1. Decide if your insurance will pay for the replacement OR  if you will pay out of pocket.

  2. Call us at 480-818-4499

  3. We will help you with the Insurance phone call by including You, Your Insurance claims dept. and Us on a (conference 3-way call). If you are not sure that you have insurance coverage on your glass we will find that out during this call.

  4. We order the Dealer Glass or OEM glass that fits your vehicle and schedule an appointment for install at our shop or at your location. 

  5. Your windshield will be installed timely and most of all the Right Way!

Meet The Technicians

Founder & ceo

Jordan Mills

Lead Tech

Jade Bjornn

Our Working Partners in Auto Glass

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