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Add Window Film to your Arizona Home to start saving money by using less electricity

The Benefits

Save money. Reduce heat. Shield your belongings. See better

We're committed to bringing you products of the highest quality and value, backed by industry-leading warranties.

Keep your house cooler with high-performance, energy-saving window film

Our experts will work with you to find the best film for your home.


To accommodate the diverse tastes and budgets of our customers, Mills Tint Solutions offers residential window tints and films in many types and colors. From fully transparent to reflective glass, our vast selection allows you to protect your family without compromising your preferred style and amount of light coming through your windows.

Whether you want to enhance the security level of your home or reduce energy costs especially in Arizona, allow us to bring you peace of mind with our professional home window tinting service.

What Solar Control Film can Do for You

1. Reduce heat gain by as much as 80%, increase comfort,              reduce utility bills by tinting windows.

2. Cut heat without darkening your home.

3. Eliminate harmful ultraviolet rays by 99.9%. Preserve floorings,      fabrics, furniture, and wood furnishings by tinting windows.

4. Increase privacy from curious onlookers.

5. Shatter proof your glass to protect from flying glass during            severe wind storms and accidents.

Solar Film Solutions For any Project 

Homeowners investing in window film deserve a partner who knows the process inside and out.

Every house is different and every homeowner has his or her own ideas and expectations. We will make sure we understand your needs and make recommendations based on those needs and our expertise.

Exterior Reflective Window Film:  Before and After

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