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Safety and Security Film

Protect glass from shattering during a break-in.

Here's how security film works..

Security window film is installed the same way as regular solar window film. Security film comes in various thicknesses and colors. It can be clear so intruders wont even know it's there, or it can be extremely reflective almost like you are looking into a mirror. 

Safety window film increases the strength of your glass significantly and provides even more safety when installed with a wet glaze attachment. Installing the safety / security film with the silicone attachment assures against impact from break-ins, bomb blasts, and severe wind storms with flying debris. 

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Mills Tint Solutions Safety and Security Films protects your business or home from accidents, disasters, and helps prevent illegal break-ins

Windows are the quickest way for intruders to gain access into a building. If they are going in through a broken window. it's usually because they expect it to be a quick entrypoint. During a break-in the intruder will find the glass is held together and secured in place and takes a significant amount of time and effort to enter the property helping prevent the person from entering. In most cases the answer is simple: they move on.

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Why you should choose Security film?

  • Commercial and Residential security window film is the most effective and cost-efficient ways to protect people and property from forced entry by an intruder.

  • Helps protect against property damage and injuries

  • Offers tear resistance and significantly more strength than standard films

  • Applying Security film is up to 90% less expensive than replacing glass 

  • rejects up to 99% ultraviolet rays with clear film, also comes tinted

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In the Event of glass breakage, security film is designed to keep the shards of glass together. Depending on customer needs we have an attachment system that keeps the film attached to the broken glass and also attached to the window frame by way of a silicone seal (wet glaze attachment).

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